The Cause

Black Lives Matter

The Brutal Truth

According to The Washington Post data bank, since January 2015, 1252 black people have been shot and killed by the police here in the United States…a travesty and a stark human rights issue

Limited Medical Care

The devastation of the coronavirus and COVID-19 has made it clear and has shined the light on the inequities and thousands of casualties among black and brown people that have limited access to medical care and healthy food options 

Limited Education

Not having access to top-notch education is another long-term loss for the black community that must be properly addressed to move the culture forward


So we will continue to push and donate to those charities that will strive to eradicate antiquated criminal justice laws and that will shoulder the burden to put an end to systemic racism that crosses so many sectors and factions of our society

The Cause

Kobe Bryant’s Legacy  (Kobe Bryant Tragedy):  To support, honor and help loved ones from those other families that was so harshly affected by the horrific helicopter crash that occurred on January 26, 2020.

Giving Back

We love the giving back part of this cause since Kobe was a significant and staunch supporter of youth sports and the fact that we would like to keep our youth motivated and inspired to reach new heights growing socially, academically as well as athletically through his Mamba Sports Foundation!”